Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Light with Large ENERsign Windows

Did you know that the average German spends 15.7 hours each day in their homes? That’s 19.6 full 24-hour periods each month.

And when we say in their homes, we mean inside their homes, hidden away from fresh air and sunlight.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the outdoors a little bit? Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too with big windows that let a little more of the outdoors in. Check out the benefits of large windows from ENERsign here!

The Advantages of Big Windows

We’ll just say it. Big windows are beautiful. They fill your home with soft natural light and give you a view of the great outdoors. Our windows from ENERsign take things to the next level by not only being extra big but also by providing the best possible energy efficiency with minimal sight lines.

Exposure to Natural Light

We hear a lot about the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. This has led many people to hide away from the sun and wear loads of sunscreen every time they go out.

However, when exposed in the right amounts, you can also enjoy a ton of benefits from natural light. In fact, not being exposed to enough natural light has a negative effect on your mental and physical health. You need it to get enough vitamin D and boost your mood.

Big windows allow you to get indirect exposure to natural light, even when you’re spending most of your day indoors.

Passive Solar Heat

Big windows allow more energy from the sun into your home, providing a passive heat source. This means you can use less energy to heat your home, helping to save both the planet and money on your energy bill.


Large picture windows are downright more beautiful! On top of the gorgeous natural light entering your home, you also get a view of whatever bit of nature you are privileged to enjoy outside your window.

Available Sizes

Typical picture windows are decently big, you can choose sizes up to about 4 ft x 7ft. That seems big until you look at ENERsign windows. We build single picture windows up to 10 ft x 15 ft!

Pair those with double French patio doors up to 8 ft wide and double lift and slide doors up to 36 ft wide!

Minimal sight lines allow you to enjoy a full view of the outdoors through these giant windows. Blur the lines between indoors and out and make your living space more like being outside. Your body will thank you in many ways.

Go Big and Go Home

Go big or go home, they say. What they mean is put all your effort into an enterprise or don’t even try.

We say “go big and go home!” Bathe yourself in natural light and enjoy unobstructed views of the great outdoors from the climate-controlled comfort of your home.

Get your extra-large windows from ENERsign today!


Welcome to ENERsign® Price Configurator with U-Value window Calculation:

You don’t want to go through the trouble of obtaining various offers, but would like to find out the recommended prices and U-values for our high-quality ENERsign®primus window? Then try our price configurator, here you can put together your desired windows as you wish and try out different sizes and designs.

All you need is the desired dimensions and window types and you can configure immediately. The window price and U-value window will be adjusted automatically, so that you always have an overview and can compare directly.

We are uncompromising in the product we offer:
ENERsign®primus elements with at least triple glazing with a U-value glass of 0.52 W/m²K and a g-value of 53%. Other designs and special glasses are available on request.

Welcome to the ENERsign® U-Value window configurator:

The U-value window is also called heat transfer coefficient and according to the standard DIN EN 10077 it indicates the amount of thermal energy lost through a window to the outside.

The U-value window is calculated using the formula W/(m²K), i.e. watts per square metre and Kelvin. This value refers to the entire window and defines the amount of energy per unit of time that flows through an area of one square meter when the air temperature on both sides differs by one Kelvin. The lower this value is, the less energy or heat the window emits.

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