The best windows and doors for our customers: in design, energy efficiency and durability
Most Modern Design
Optimal thermal insulation
Best sound insulation
Effective burglary protection
Oversized windows
Wall integrated sun protection
Maximum air tightness
Excellent service

Most Modern Design

Elegant design with high-quality materials – this is what the products of ENERsign® stand for:

    • Narrow view widths with clear lines


  • Timeless character for many decades
  • Frameless integral windows with continuous glass line


Optimal thermal insulation

Optimum insulation for significantly minimised energy consumption – this is what the windows + doors from ENERsign® stand for:

    • Best material choice of wood-aluminium with patented insulation profile
    • No heat loss due to thermal bridge free construction
    • airtight window and connection joints


Sound insulation

Highest sound insulation requirements against disturbing outside noise – that’s what the windows + doors from ENERsign® stand for:

    • Best living comfort through sound insulation glazing
    • No loss of design and thermal insulation
    • flexibility in glass thickness


Effective burglary protection

We protect you from uninvited guests – this is what the windows + doors from ENERsign® stand for:

  • Highest security through circumferential multiple locking system
  • burglar-resistant locking parts
  • window fitting with mushroom head pin lock
  • burglar resistance test on frame, fittings and glazing

Oversized windows

Need to go a little bigger? – this is what the windows + doors from ENERsign® stand for:

  • not commercial oversizes
  • High static load capacity
  • flush optics on the window profile
  • Profile depth and mature construction
  • Extremely high stiffness due to full-surface bonding

Wall integrated sun protection

Sun protection par excellence & perfectly integrated – this is what ENERsign® products stand for:

    • From venetian blinds (external venetian blinds) to roller shutters and screens

Completely coordinated systems

Maximum air tightness

Best airtightness of your building – that’s what the windows + doors from ENERsign® stand for:

  • 3-fold circumferential seals
  • Uniform contact pressure
  • High quality sealing materials
  • CE test certificates

Excellent service

Individual consulting with a high degree of empathy – that is what we at ENERsign® stand for:

    • Highest technical expertise from the first contact to the final acceptance
    • Realization and optimization of your plans


  • Development of special solutions

The premium brand for energy-efficient windows and doors

ENERsign® is the worldwide premium brand for windows and doors in the energy efficiency sector. For more than 25 years, our products have been appreciated and awarded all over the world for their patented engineering and design art “Made in Germany”. We combine a holistic consulting approach with excellent customer service. See for yourself!

ENERsign® windows and doors

Solving for climate change in the building sector requires higher levels of energy efficiency of all envelope components especially in cold climates to reduce heating demand annually. Windows and doors are typically the weakest point in the thermal envelope for convection, conduction and radiation.

ENERsign® stands for wood-aluminium windows and doors with the highest standards of energy efficiency. The best insulation and air-tightness values can be achieved through the interaction of design and material selection.

Our windows and doors are certified by the Passive House Institute and will help you design new buildings, passive houses or prefabricated houses for thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and moisture control in Cold Climates.

A high efficiency house requires only a fraction of the primary energy compared to a standard state-of-the- art building. There are a number of ways to build the future house energy-efficiently. However, the key factors are the building envelope, the ventilation system and highly thermally insulated windows.

The ENERsign®primus window achieves Uw-values of 0.45 W/m²K  and R-values of 12 depending on the glazing and wood type.

Large window fronts with a particularly modern design play a significant role in the architecture. As window manufacturer ENERsign®, we have specialised in this: to develop energy-efficient and high-quality windows with the best values for energy-efficient construction and renovation.

Whether passive house, solid house, timber house, old building, bungalow, flat roof house or design house, whether made to measure, oversized or individual – let us make you an offer for our windows and doors. Use our window price calculator or let us give you completely non-binding advice on the subject of energy-efficient building.

Best energy efficiency mehr
Highest durability mehr

The highly thermally insulated ENERsign® products incorporate more than 25 years of specialisation and experience.

Best comfort mehr
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Optimal accessibility mehr
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Welcome to ENERsign® Price Configurator with U-Value window Calculation:

You don’t want to go through the trouble of obtaining various offers, but would like to find out the recommended prices and U-values for our high-quality ENERsign®primus window? Then try our price configurator, here you can put together your desired windows as you wish and try out different sizes and designs.

All you need is the desired dimensions and window types and you can configure immediately. The window price and U-value window will be adjusted automatically, so that you always have an overview and can compare directly.

We are uncompromising in the product we offer:
ENERsign®primus elements with at least triple glazing with a U-value glass of 0.52 W/m²K and a g-value of 53%. Other designs and special glasses are available on request.

Welcome to the ENERsign® U-Value window configurator:

The U-value window is also called heat transfer coefficient and according to the standard DIN EN 10077 it indicates the amount of thermal energy lost through a window to the outside.

The U-value window is calculated using the formula W/(m²K), i.e. watts per square metre and Kelvin. This value refers to the entire window and defines the amount of energy per unit of time that flows through an area of one square meter when the air temperature on both sides differs by one Kelvin. The lower this value is, the less energy or heat the window emits.

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